Our Story

Bedford Level Experiment from Thunder Bay, Canada, makes sincere nerdrock about the things that captures their imagination - their first computers and video games, and books from Shakespeare to sci-fi. Musically they're influenced by post-punk, folk-rock, and shoegaze. They've been writing and recording albums for a few years, and are now starting to play live and release albums.

BLE's primary writer, Robin, is a life-long computer & video game geek. He was born the same year Pong was released, and grew up with a deep fascination with video games; not only playing them, but learning all he could about making his own games as soon as he had access to computers at school and at friends' homes, such as the Commodore PET in the late '70s. Once he finally had his own computer at home, a Commodore 64, he spent all his time playing and making games, eventually building a career as a professional video game developer.

Robin's other passion all along has been music, as a listener and gradually, as a creator.  He wrote a song about Pac-Man in 1981 or so - it's not a good song, but it's remarkable because his grandma recorded it on tape (along with many other strange things, such as family dinner conversations) and he has a copy!  In 1990 he wrote a song called "Love Is A Scalar (A Geek's Love Song)" during a high school physics class.  In 1999 a proto-Bedford Level Experiment (then called "PSW") recorded an album called "My 64" which included 4 geek rock songs (one of them was the "History" song that BLE re-recorded a few years ago for a Youtube video) in addition to several songs composed and played from a real C64 (nowadays, called "chiptune").

After releasing various video singles on Youtube, including "History (Commodore 64)" and "Commodore 64 Christmas", and collaborating with geek-duo Debs & Errol on their track "Commodore 64" (a parody of "Old Time Rock & Roll") Bedford Level Experiment is now preparing to release an EP titled "Sole Behold" and a full-length album called "Place Without A Computer". Check out our songs & videos on Youtube, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for our mailing list to get the latest news from us.