87 Cards

In 1982, aged 9, there was only one movie I wanted to see: TRON. A movie about the real video games inside a computer, made with computer graphics? So cool.

So my parents took me to see E.T.  I wasn't interested beforehand, and actually, I found movies and TV shows about aliens to be pretty scary (there was a book at our school library about potential real-life aliens that we would scare each other with), so I didn't particularly want to go.  But I did go, and got totally drawn in to E.T. and Elliott's adventure.

"Little Richard's" was the closest corner/variety store to my house, and there was always something new to spend my paper route money on. Early video game magazines, comics, weird candy, and trading cards.  When E.T. trading cards appeared at the store, I'd buy a pack or two each week.  With 10 cards per pack, and only 87 cards in the series, it was relatively easy to collect the whole set with a bit of trading at school.  Of all my card collections, it's the only one I managed to complete.

This new song is about E.T. while it was briefly my obsession in 1982.  The video features my complete set of cards, along with a bunch of other favourite things from the era: Little Professor, Merlin, the Missing Link puzzle, and some of my favourite classic space LEGO.

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