New EP - Living Here in the Future

Here it is, our new 4-song EP featuring songs about sci-fi movies from the '80s... and one from the '60s!  You can stream or download it free on Bandcamp here.

Track 1, "Bit Pair", is the closest thing we've done to a duet yet - it's a conversation between Flynn (sung by Robin) and his binary buddy Bit (sung by Rianna through vocoder) about the true nature of Bit, and their relationship.  You can watch the video which was lovingingly animated by our live drummer Darren here:

Track 2, "87 Cards", is about my E.T. movie trading card collection, which I blogged about last time.  See the video here:

Track 3, "Living Here in the Future", is the title track, based on the classic movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" - follow Heywood Floyd's journey to the moon, as he negotiates the dangers of stewardesses and floating pens.  Video here:

Track 4, "Slipstream" is based upon the 1989 movie of the same name.  A movie that did so poorly, its copyright wasn't even renewed so it's in the public domain.  And yet it starred Mark Hamill and Bill Paxton, was directed by the director of Tron, and produced by the producer of Empire Strikes Back... how could it go so wrong?  Well, in my opinion it didn't go wrong, it's one of my favourite movies ever.  This song features Rianna on lead vocals, and more synths than usual; it's also the first time we built the song upon a click track and synths - usually we do guitar and live drums as the foundation.  It's a pretty different sound for us.  We'll make a video for it as soon as someone asks :)  I'll probably write more about Slipstream in another post.

Enjoy the EP, share it, and let us know what you think!