Closed Captioned

Catching up on the latest news, we finally officially released the video for the title track of "Place Without A Computer".  It's a look back at the arrival of arcade games and home computers in our hometown of Thunder Bay, Canada in the early 1980s, using various clips we found from the era, plus plenty of new footage made by filming old store signage still existing here, and video game footage filmed at the Midwest Gaming Classic.

Thanks to a comment received here on our blog, we've added closed captioning / subtitles to many of our videos on Youtube.  All our official music videos are cc'd, as well as several of our live videos, including our full album release concert.  Now you can watch the whole show with the sound off - one detractor said it sounds better that way!

We also made a silly little video showing the limits of Intellivision cartridge stacking, accompanied by the first verse of our song "Buying A Computer". Please share if you like it:

We'd like to get at least one more music video done this month - we've got some footage ready for "I Want A Turn" but need at least one more bigger shoot for it.  "Vacuum Fluorescent Display" is another possibility.  If you have a suggestion, let us know in the comments.