We've been busy in November and December to close out the year:

In November, Robin recorded a solo album for National Solo Album Month, but since it was on-topic and he's started enough new bands in his life, it got released as Bedford Level Experiment.  Some of the songs continue on from where Place Without A Computer left off, others deal with being a bass nerd, and overall they're a more personal but still geeky collection of songs.  Listen to it here on Bandcamp:  Nerd So Low

In December, we recorded and released a short Christmas-themed 3-song EP.  We did an improved mix of our minor 2014 hit, "A Commodore 64 Christmas" and recorded a sequel, rewriting some of the lyrics to "Jolly Old St. Nick", asking him for a 1541 disk drive to go with the C64 we got the previous Christmas.  Watch the video for "Jolly Old St. Nick" here.  And finally, we covered The Doubleclicks' classic "Christmas Ain't About Me", with Rianna on vocals.  It's a song mourning the loss of being the center of attention at Christmas when a younger sibling comes along, something Rianna knows only too well.  The 12 Days of Christmas aren't over yet, so give the album a listen on Bandcamp: A Very Commodore 64 Christmas

Finally, Robin was interviewed again for the Fandomania: Geek Music Podcast for an upcoming episode, so stay tuned for that coming up in the new year.

We hope you're having a happy holiday season, and wish you all the best for 2017.  We're planning on bringing you a lot more music in 2017, and more frequent blog updates.  See you soon!